Security in API’s

As we continue to work with API’s, I have decided to dedicate this blogpost to talk about security with API’s as eventually we will have to take this into consideration when we go into more in depth with them in the future. Security will always stay priority in which I think it would be helpful to look at this area now. I have chosen a blog post that gives us some good practices we can look at to help better our API’s.

In summary, this authors first goes over TLS which stands for Transport layer security which is a cryptographic protocol used to help prevent tampering and eavesdropping by encrypting messages sent to and from the server. The absence of TLS means that third parties get easy access to private information from users. TLS can be found when the website URL contains https and not just http such as the very website you are reading from now. Then they go over Oauth2 which is a general framework and use that with single sign-on providers. This helps manage third party applications access and usage of data on the behalf of the user. This is used in situations such as granting access to photos to used in a different application. They go in depth over codes and authentication tokens with Oauth2. Then they go over API keys where we should set the permissions on those and don’t mismanage those. They say at the end to just use good, reliable libraries that you can put most of the work and responsibility onto so that we can can minimize the mistakes we can make.

These practices will help bolster my knowledge on the security placed within the API’s we are working with. This blogpost has helped me learn more on the general framework on what security measures are placed in the general API landscape. TLS looks to be a standard protocol used in 99% of websites you see but also makes me wonder on all of the websites that I have traversed through that didn’t have TLS and you should too and make sure that you have no private information in danger on those sites. This also makes me wonder on how TLS is implemented such as with the LibrePantry API that is being worked on if it is being used there(hopefully). Then perhaps when we work further in the API’s, we get to see the security practices implemented.


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